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Toxicology Testing
Ultimate Precision in Substance Detection

At Star Medical Lab (SML), we provide comprehensive toxicology testing services to meet the diverse needs of our clients. Leveraging cutting-edge technology and rigorous scientific methods, our toxicology tests offer reliable detection of a wide array of substances, ensuring accurate results.

Explore Our Most-Requested Diagnostics

STD Testing

Screen for sexually transmitted diseases to ensure your sexual health and wellbeing.


Analyze for various health indicators including kidney function and more

TB Quantiferon

Detect tuberculosis infection with a simple blood test, even if there are no symptoms.

General Health Panel

A broad health assessment to check for common issues and overall well-being.

Hepatitis Acute Panel

Identify acute hepatitis infections and distinguish between types A, B, and C.

Urine Drug Screening

Test for the presence of drugs in the urine for employment, legal, or medical reasons.

Covid / Flu / RSV Testing

Detects the presence of COVID-19, influenza, or respiratory syncytial virus efficiently.

Comprehensive Metabolic Panels

A thorough evaluation of your metabolic health, assessing liver and kidney function, electrolyte balance, and blood sugar levels.
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