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Vaginitis Panel Testing

Get answers and relief with Vaginitis Panel Testing at Star Medical Lab. Accurate diagnosis for vaginal health concerns.

BV Detection Simplified with Vaginitis Panel Testing

Bacterial Vaginosis or BV is an infection in the vagina detected by Vaginitis Panel Testing. The vagina of a healthy woman has both good and harmful bacteria. The good or the healthy bacteria are responsible for keeping the harmful or the unhealthy bacteria in check.

When the natural balance of the healthy and unhealthy bacteria is not in equilibrium, the BV infection starts to form. To assess and test for the presence of harmful bacteria, the vaginal discharge is sampled and tested.

All females, regardless of age can get a BV. Even those who have never engaged in sexual activities. However, it is more common and prevalent in sexuallyactive women. In some cases, the BV can make an appearance without exhibiting any symptoms and then resolve on its own. But if left untreated, a BV can cause serious complications.
Vaginitis Panel Testing

A BV is said to be diagnosed if 3 or more or these symptoms are true:

  • Strong odor upon adding an alkali to the vaginal fluid
  • Vaginal cells coated in bacilli on microscopy
  • White and homogenous discharge
  • pH level above 4.5

There are multiple ways to examine vaginal discharge for testing for BV:

  • Microscope – Also known as ‘vaginal smear’ or ‘wet mount’. The sample is kept under a glass slide and tested for the presence of bacteria, and other signs of infection.
  • Odor – More commonly known as the ‘whiff test’, the sample is combined with a chemical to test whether it produces a strong, fishy odor. If it does, the presence of BV is confirmed.
  • pH of the Vagina – the acidity of the sample is checked. If the sample shows high acidity, then BV is present. But the downside is that a pH test alone cannot determine the presence of BV so it is used in combination with other tests.
  • PCR test – Checking the sample for harmful bacteria in your genetic material, a PCR test in Vaginitis Panel Testing is not used as frequently as other above mentioned tests due to its high price.

What is it used for?

Vaginitis Panel Testing is used to determine whether a BV or apparent symptoms are due to a vaginal infection or not.

Do I need Vaginitis Panel Testing?

If you are suffering from the following symptoms, you may have a Vaginal infection. These include:

  • Gray or white discharge which is either watery or foamy
  • Strong pungent smell after sex
  • Irritated and itching vagina
  • Irritation around the outsides if the vagina
  • Burning while peeing

What to expect?

Similar to that of a pelvic exam, Here’s what to expect during Vaginitis Panel Testing:

  • You’ll be asked to take your clothes off from the waist down and use a sheet
  • Lie down on the table and have your feet in the stirrups
  • Speculum, or a plastic or metal instrument, is used to widen your vagina for assessment
  • A sample of the discharge from your vagina is taken using a cotton swab or stick.
  • The sample will then be moved to the laboratory for testing

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