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Cancer Genomics Testing

Unlock personalized cancer detection with Cancer Genomics Testing at Star Medical Lab. Understand your unique genetic profile for better care.

Cancer genomics testing

Cancer genomics testing is a test carried out by your doctor to see how the cancer will spread, what can be expected of it, and which course of treatment would be the most suitable. This test analyzes all your genes rather than just a specific one and is more commonly known as “DNA Sequencing’ as well.

To understand this further, genes are DNA pieces that hold the code for protein making which are responsible for your body functioning. But where is this DNA? DNA is enveloped along long threads of chromosomes within the cells. These genes which are present inside your cells make up your genome.
Cancer Genomics Testing
Mutations or changes in the genes are responsible for causing cancer. They assist the cancer to spread and grow. While some of these mutations can be passed down by a parent, others are formed in your body over time.

How Does Cancer Genomics Testing Work?

To identify the DNA changes or DNA mutations that may be the cause of a certain cancer growing and spreading, Cancer Genomics Testing is carried out. Figuring out the exact genomic mutation that is the underlying cause of your cancer, helps the doctors in curating the ideal treatment plan for your custom needs, which are unique to the genetic mutations in your body.

Who benefits?

Cancer Genomics Testing may be recommended for patients for which the cancer did not respond positively to a treatment plan prescribed for their tumor. Be it chemotherapy, radiation or surgery. People with rare forms of cancers may also be recommended to get Cancer Genomics Testing done. This is because it offers further clarity in how the treatment can be advanced going forward.

What to expect?

Here’s how the process of Cancer Genomics Testing would go if it is prescribed to you by your healthcare provider:

  • A biopsy will be taken of your tumor.
  • DNA will then be sequenced in the laboratory after the cancer cells are isolated and taken out from the biopsy.
  • Using state-of-the-art technology, the genetic profile will be sequenced for abnormalities that exhibits how the tumor functions.
  • The abnormalities detected will be analyzed in a lab to see if they match known mutations with already discovered treatment plans or which have responded to therapies based on evidence.
  • In case of a match, your oncologist will opt for a treatment plan that has worked previously in similar cases of mutations.
  • Once your oncologist explains the results to you, you will then sit down and formulate a treatment plan based on your custom situation.

Do I need Cancer Genomics Testing?

It is highly recommended that you discuss your candidacy for cancer genomics testing or other types of genetic testing with your oncologist if you are a cancer patient. In a situation where an inherited mutation is found, a genetic counselor can help you and your family and walk them through its implications.

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