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Privacy Policy

Your Privacy – Our Commitment to You

At Star Medical Lab, we understand how crucial privacy is to you. That’s why safeguarding your personal information is a top priority for us. This notice is here to shed light on how we, the team at Star Medical Lab along with our partners (“we,” “us,” “our”), gather, manage, and protect the information we receive from your interactions with our websites, apps, social hangouts, interactive features, and all the services we offer ( the “Platforms”).

The Details on What We Collect

We gather a variety of information, both the non-personally identifiable stuff and the more personal details. Personal Information includes things that can directly or indirectly connect to an identifiable person or household. This could be your name, address, financial data, job specifics, your purchase history, online activities, and where you’ve been (no, not in a stalkerish way, we promise!).

How Long Your Info Stays with Us

We keep hold of your personal info for as long as it serves our mission. That means sticking to legal, accounting, and reporting requirements, resolving any issues, and following our policies. Plus, we might hold on to your info in our regular backups across all the types of info we handle.

Securing Your Information

Your data’s security is a big deal for us. At Star Medical Lab, we’ve got your back! We use a mix of physical, technical, and team measures to ensure your information is safe from prying eyes. But it’s important to know that while we take every precaution, no security system is foolproof.

At Star Medical Lab, your trust is invaluable. We’re absolutely dedicated to ensuring your information remains secure and private. We’re constantly working to improve our practices to keep your privacy in check and maintain your trust in us.

Our HIPAA Notice of Privacy Practices describes how we use and disclose your protected health information or PHI, our legal duties with respect to your PHI, and your rights with respect to your PHI and how you may exercise them.

Our Privacy Notice and Cookie Notice provide information about our privacy practices on our websites or applications that link to them.