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Men's Health
Purchase men's health tests from Star Medical Lab to assess your overall well-being through laboratory analysis and targeted biomarkers. Star Medical Lab also provides specific tests for testosterone, prostate health, and other relevant areas. Once you've purchased your test and scheduled an appointment online, simply visit a nearby Star Medical Lab location to provide your specimen sample for the men's health tests. Your lab results will be promptly shared with you online upon availability.

Explore Our Most-Requested Diagnostics

Prostate Screening (PSA)

Evaluate PSA levels in the blood as a potential indicator of inflammation or cancer.

Testosterone Test — Men's

Assess the testosterone levels in your blood.

Hemoglobin A1c Test

Check average blood sugar for diabetes management or risk assessment.

Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (CMP)

Evaluate the risk for liver and kidney disease, hypertension, and diabetes.

Cholesterol (Lipid) Panel

Assess heart health by measuring total cholesterol, HDL, LDL, and TG levels.

Iron, TIBC & Ferritin Panel

Evaluate blood iron, total iron capacity, and ferritin levels through testing

Comprehensive Health Profile — Men's

For understanding of overall well-being with a focus on men's health.

Vitamin B12 & Folate Test

Check for deficiencies in vitamin B12 and folate (vitamin B9)

Thyroid Disorder Monitoring — Ongoing

Continuous thyroid hormone testing for diagnosed thyroid disorders.

Basic Health Profile — Standard

Capture your current state of health and wellness.

Thyroid Disorder Monitoring — Initial

Continuous thyroid hormone testing for diagnosed thyroid disorders.

Comprehensive Health Profile — Standard

Get a more complete picture of your overall wellness.

Total Cholesterol Test

Assess total cholesterol levels to identify the risk of heart disease or stroke.

Basic Health Profile — Men's

Capture your current state of health and overall wellness as a man.

Fatigue Test Panel

Assess health factors contributing to chronic fatigue
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