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Will COVID End In 2023?

Will COVID End In 2023? Since the COVID-19 epidemic began in early 2020, the entire planet has undergone a great deal of transformation. Uncertainty seemed to permeate every element of daily life, and everyone’s lives appeared to be turned upside down. Fortunately, after three years, life has begun to slowly return to what we now consider a new normal. But the fact remains that COVID continues to play a significant role in our lives. Therefore, it is reasonable to inquire: Will COVID-19 en...
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Will COVID Ever Become Just Another Seasonal Flu?

Will COVID Ever Become Just Another Seasonal Flu? Infectious disease specialists agree that COVID-19 may eventually develop into a seasonal illness with regular patterns of infection, but this stage has not yet been reached. Although the virus has shown some seasonality since its origin, other elements, such as variant evolution, population immunity, and behavioral changes, have diminished the severity of seasonality. This has been demonstrated by prior seasonal Covid spikes. Peaks have been ass...
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