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Breathe Easy with Our Complete Respiratory Panel Testing

Breathe Easy with Our Complete Respiratory Panel Testing 

Complete Respiratory Panel Testing; A Game-Changer for Detecting Respiratory Problems 

Screening different viral bacterial and viral infections results in doctors collecting multiple samples for their patients. This method makes detecting respiratory infections challenging. However, with a tremendous evolution of modern medicine, a prominent breakthrough is the Complete Respiratory Panel Testing. It is a comprehensive diagnostic tool that has revolutionized the procedure of treating respiratory infections. 

So what is a Complete Respiratory Panel Testing? Star Medical Lab gives you an overview of this diagnostic method that helps providers to understand the root cause of respiratory issues and why Complete respiratory Panel Testing is important in the era of modern medicine. 

Respiratory Infections; What are they? 

Respiratory infections may be classified from mild to highly severe as these infections are highly contagious in nature because they spread through contact i.e. coughing, sneezing, or even touching a contaminated object. Some respiratory infections can be highly fatal. Respiratory infections can be caught at any age, but individuals having a weak immune system such as babies, or young children, and older people are at higher risk for catching these infections. 

What is a Respiratory Panel?

Pathogens are defined as microbes that contain bacteria and viruses that entail sickness in your body. A respiratory pathogen panel finds these particles in parts of the body linked with breathing for example; throat, nose, and lungs. Complete Respiratory Panel testing allows the identification of the genetic material of disease-carrying pathogens in a single sample. This makes it easier for doctors and lab technicians to provide patients with accurate diagnosis. With complete respiratory panel testing multiple microbes can be identified that cause infections. Moverover, the results are ready within a few hours because of the fast screening process of this testing method. 

Exploring the Complete Respiratory Panel Test

The complete respiratory panel testing is used to detect a wide range of respiratory pathogens that are the root cause of many infections. These pathogens mainly consist of infections, viruses, bacteria and sometimes fungi. Unlike, the traditional testing method that aims at only one pathogen at a time, complete respiratory panel testing focuses on a holistic view of the respiratory health of the patients. 

What Infections are Detected from Complete Respiratory Panel Testing? 

Healthcare providers use the complete respiratory panel testing to analyze a diagnosis of various bacterial and viral infections in the respiratory system of the body. Some of these infections are: 

  • Whooping cough 
  • Common cold
  • Influenza
  • COVID-19
  • Enterovirus 
  • Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV)
  • Pneumonia
  • Parainfluenza virus
  • Chlamydia pneumonia 
  • Human metapneumovirus 
  • Courp 
  • Adenovirus and other infections that cause hoarse coughs 

Elements of the Complete Respiratory Panel Testing 

Since the complete respiratory panel testing is used to detect multiple pathogens via the multiplex polymerase chain reaction technology. This method also enables the identification of various pathogens through a single sample. 

There are a few components of the complete respiratory panel testing such as: 

    • Viral Pathogens: Different respiratory viruses such as influenza, rhinovirus, and respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) are recognized via this test as it is crucial to differentiate between viral and bacterial infections to prescribe  relevant treatments to treat infections. 
    • Bacterial Pathogens: Bacteria including Streptococcus pneumonia, Influenza, and Mycoplasma Pneumonia, Haemophilus influenzae are identified accurately through the complete respiratory panel testing. 
  • Emerging Pathogens: Emerging infections such as the COVID-19 pandemic his versatile diagnostic method becomes prominent in the medical sector. The Complete Respiratory Panel testing aids in identifying new pathogens. 
  • Atypical Pathogens: Like Chlamydia pneumonia that is atypical in nature is also identified from the complete respiratory panel testing. This test helps in early diagnosis and effective, prompt treatment.

Benefits of Complete Respiratory Panel Testing

There are several benefits of complete respiratory panel testing such as: 

  • Reduced Antibiotic Misuse: Complete respiratory panel testing helps to reduce the overuse of antibiotics. This is crucial since differentiating between viral and bacterial helps in avoiding unnecessary antibiotic usage. 
  • Accurate Diagnosis:  This comprehensive testing tool helps in identifying accurate diagnosis. With the help of this test, healthcare providers can analyze the exact pathogen that causes an infection in the body, thus making effective treatment decisions.
  • Prompt Treatment: Due to fast and reliable pathogen identification, the complete respiratory test allows healthcare providers to initiate appropriate treatment more effectively in cases where infections prove fatal and severe for the patients. 
  • Controlling infections: In areas such as hospitals and nursing homes, where infection can spread widely, this test allows doctors and healthcare providers to identify pathogens to control infections effectively.
  • Tailored Medicines: As the era of personalized medicine is rising, complete respiratory panel testing contributes to personalized treatments for each individual. By detecting specific pathogens, doctors select the most suitable medicines for their patients. 

Who needs a Complete Respiratory Panel Testing?

It is to note here that not every person who deals with respiratory illness needs this test. However, fatally ill patients who are at the risk for complications are required to take this test. In this case, a complete respiratory panel helps in establishing if the virus is causing an infection. Moreover, it helps in ruling out other illnesses to ensure patients receive proper treatments.

How is Complete Respiratory Panel Testing Done? 

There are two ways through which the sample for this test is attained: 

Nasopharyngeal swab: 

  • Your lab technician will tip your head back, inserting a cotton swab into your nostril, reaching the upper part of your throat. 
  • Your provider will rotate the swab, collect the sample and simply remove the swab from your nose. 

Nasal Aspirate 

  • In this method, our provider will inject a saline solution into your nose then remove the sample gently by suction. 

Complete Respiratory Panel Test Results

A positive test result in the complete respiratory panel testing means that a specific pathogen was found in your respiratory system. It reflects the type of infection you may have. If the test finds more than one panel, it may show multiple infections; also called co-infection.

On the contrary, a negative test result means that you may have a condition that is not caused by any virus or bacteria. Also, it may indicate that that pathogen was not present in the panel once gone under the test. It may also indicate that you have some other condition not caused by some type of bacteria or virus. 

Each test result allows your healthcare provider to recommend suitable treatment along with other tests (if required). 

Bottom Line 

The complete respiratory panel testing has reshaped the world of diagnosing and treating respiratory infections. With a holistic view of pathogens, this test empowers doctors to make effective medical decisions, reducing the usage of antibiotics and unnecessary treatments. To conclude, complete respiratory panel testing plays a pivotal role in delivering personalized treatments to patients with respiratory ailments. 

Accurate Respiratory Testing with Star Medical Lab

For obtaining reliable respiratory test results, patients should turn to Star Medical Lab. Our prompt, accurate testing services are conducted to detect infections and diseases that may prove to be fatal to your respiratory health. With state-of-the-art screening devices, we offer fast, reliable results to our patients. Contact us today to learn more about complete respiratory panel testing at Star Medical Lab today.

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